Working Paper Series

The working paper series has been a part of the activities of the India Branch Office (IBO) since it was established. The first series was on Poverty and Education, the first research project of the IBO, in which several papers have already been published. A second working paper series on Education and the Urban started in 2018. The first paper of the series has just been  published.

Working Paper Series Education and the Urban in India:

  1. Anasua Chatterjee, Exclusion, Urbanity and Education: A Case Study of a Muslim Neighbourhood in Kolkata (download PDF file)
  2. Jyotsna Jha and Puja Minni, Bridging Old Gaps, Building New Barriers: A Study of Online Admissions under the Right to Education Act in Bangalore Urban Private Unaided Schools (download PDF file)

Working Paper Series Poverty and Education:

  1. A. R. Vasavi, ‘Government Brahmin’: Caste, the Educated Unemployed, and the Reproduction of Inequalities (download PDF file)
  2. Manabi Majumdar, The Shadow Education System and New Class Divisions in Education (download PDF file)
  3. Geetha Nambissan, Poverty, Markets and Elementary Education in India (download PDF file)
  4. Poonam Batra, Quality of Education and the Poor: Constraints on Learning (download PDF file)
  5. Farida Abdulla Khan, Mathematics and its discontents: How well does Mathematics pedagogy serve the children of the poor? (download PDF file)
  6. Nandini Manjrekar, The Neighbourhood and the School: Conflict, Educational Marginalisation and the State in Contemporary Gujarat (download PDF file)
  7. Sunandan K N, Locating Education: School, Family and Community and the Practice of Care (download PDF file)
  8. Shivangi Jaiswal, Vocations for the Poor Married Women: An Oral History (download PDF file)
  9. Megha Sharma, Accessing Education: Reconfiguring Family and Neighbourhood Networks (download PDF file)
  10. Smita Gandotra, A Good General Knowledge of Geography: Learning to Read in Benares, c.1870 (download PDF file)
  11. A.R. Venkatachalapathy, From Pulavar to Professor: Politics and the Professionalization of Tamil Pandits (download PDF file)