Carving Fields of Knowledge: Disciplines, Institutions and Practices in Colonial and Postcolonial India

Date: 3-4 December 2022

This is a preparatory conference that aims to bring together scholars who work on the shaping of certain pedagogic fields in colonial and postcolonial India. The scholars would engage in brainstorming sessions to discuss recent trends in the histories of certain disciplines, institutions and technical and managerial skills. The overarching themes would include:

  • the nature of knowledge in the interface of colonialism and Brahminical hegemony
  • the career of disciplines like anthropology, statistics, economics and their relationship with colonial and postcolonial governmentalities
  • foundation of academic institutions and centres of learning, patronage networks and scholarships
  • the consolidation of techno-managerial disciplines in postcolonial India
  • standardisation of teaching and textbooks

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